Billboards in New York City
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We are currently looking for billboards and locations for our clients in New York City. The demand is so high you may want to consider becoming a "Preferred
Client" and e-mail me today. If you are a property owner please don't hesitate to contacts us today!  

We buy build and sell outdoor billboards and digital billboards across America from coast to coast.

Billboard Brokers of America, LLC
Thomas Gunter CEO of BBA
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Billboards in New York City
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Map of  Billboards in New York City


In summing it up outdoor advertising In comparison to other media, outdoor advertising delivers a stronger punch at lower cost per thousand hits than any other
media, including radio, Television, and print. Today's digital billboards deliver the message in high vise dynamic colors and content offering several million variations
of brilliant colors. The future of digital billboard sales and outdoor billboard sales will continue to increase with supply and demand for many years into the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                        By Thomas Gunter
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Today Outdoor billboards are a part of our American culture and history defining who we are, where we are and where we should be going on the planet. Billboards are not only in America they are in almost every major city and country around the world.
Newspapers will soon find their way to the trash or radio or TV commercials that vanish almost instantly. People will notice billboards whether they like the ad or not. Unlike a Television or radio you can't change the channel and if you miss the ad today it will still be there the next time you pass by. Another added benefit to the advertisers is many people travel the same route frequently on their daily commute to work and shopping, this means that they will see your billboard advertisement regularly, which makes the ad more likely to stick in their minds later when they are shopping.
Magazine, newspapers, radio and Television all have their place in the scheme of the advertising world. A full rounded advertising campaign would not be complete without outdoor advertising who rules the highways, streets, and avenues of America, reaching out to millions of travelers 24 hours a day.
Recently the outdoor advertising industry has evolved into the new world of digital outdoor advertising. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates "revenues generated from one digital billboard to be three to five times greater than those of traditional billboards". This trend has attracted a new line of private investors cashing in on higher returns for their investment dollar. The outdoor billboard investor today is no longer a business limited to a few corporate giants but a business many investors can afford to get into today that will bring them higher than normal returns on commercial rental property. Today privately owned digital billboards are quickly becoming one of today's highest returns on investment capital. To find out more about billboard investing and higher ROI's call Tom Gunter, Billboard Brokers of America, LLC.
Over the years, Outdoor Advertising has evolved into a dynamic medium with strong marketing value presence a seemingly unlimited potential. Outdoor Tri-Face Billboards and Backlighted Displays and Digital Billboards today have state of the art engineering with the future of the outdoor advertising market in mind.
The outdoor advertising industry continues to grow and be successful as advertising dollars in the outdoor advertising media has increased over the years. Today outdoor advertising has the ability to become more creative and innovative through design, the reproduction of artwork, delivering multi messages through the useof digital technology. The increasing focus on keeping the advertising message in front of the traveling American public has continued to contribute to the increased acceptance of the outdoor media over the past century. Yes, outdoor advertising has been around for over 100 years and still continuing to evolve and grow as it keeps reinventing itself.