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If you are looking for a new income stream with a higher ROI check out our billboard for sale investments, we find, build and buy outdoor billboards and billboard locations for our clients. Check out our website we have several outdoor billboard signs for sale including billboard property leases. For more investment information, please contact us.

We have static outdoor billboards and digital billboards for sale. If you are looking for billboards and billboard property leases, we can help.

If you are looking for a billboard or electronic billboard for sale, check our inventory out. If we don't have the led billboard, you are looking for in our inventory, we will help you find the right one for you. Ask about our latest led billboard and property listings we have over 2,700 commercial properties throughout the United States already listed ready to be researched and developed.

Many of our billboard properties are commercial property listings in the top 100 advertising markets waiting to be researched and explored for your next outdoor billboard project. We are billboard consultants, we do billboard consulting, billboard evaluations, and billboard research for our clients.

We are only a short air fight away from any place in the United States. Our company services all of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. International clients welcome, we build and ship billboards to our international clients as well as provide supervision for installations and technical assistance.

Once you have selected your billboard location of choice our team is standing by to build your new outdoor billboard structure for you. If you are looking to maximize your investment portfolio, ask me how digital billboards can maximize your cash flow stream.

Did You know a typical digital billboard in a good location can bring in 6 to 8 times the revenue of a conventional billboard? Let our experts help you decide if your billboard location qualifies for a digital upgrade.

We can custom design, engineer, and install a new digital billboard screen for your static location. Once you have your new digital billboard you may need a jump start on advertising sales, we can show you how to turn your billboard into a digital billboard cash flow machine. We have a team of advertising experts ready to assist you in getting your investment up and running! We deliver turnkey billboard packages ready to go! If you are a busy investor and do not have the time for the everyday business task of managing your outdoor billboards, ask us about billboard management. Become a billboard owner, build a billboard.
"Owning billboards can increase your personal wealth and financial security"  
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Billboard Brokers of America, LLC. was founded 15 years ago by Thomas Gunter, owner of Gunter Outdoor Advertising company, which was founded on July 15, 1963, it is a full-service billboard company. Billboard Brokers of America is full service outdoor billboard development company. We help clients find, build, and develop outdoor billboards, electronic billboards, and turn them into cash flow income streams. We have billboards for sale, digital billboard sales, billboard companies for sale, billboards for rent. We are a turnkey billboard development and construction, serving clients across America coast to coast.

Billboard Brokers of America. LLC. works with both small and large investors, from mom and dad operators to Fortune 500 companies helping clients build their own outdoor billboard company. Whether you are looking for one billboard for sale or one hundred billboards for sale our mission is to help you generate long-term income streams. If you are seeking alternative investment opportunities with a higher return on your investment dollar, think of outdoor billboards and outdoor advertising. We have several electronic billboards for sale already in inventory check out our billboards for sale. Each billboard location comes with its own ground lease.

Property Owners - If you are a property owner, we want to show you how to maximize your property income stream. We will match you with one of our billboard investors and show you how billboards can generate a new cash flow stream.

Outdoor advertising has a proven track record and history of producing impressive and reliable return on investment compared to most other real estate investments. With the right billboard property location investors can enjoy as much as a 100% return on their capital investment in as little as 18 to 36 months.

Let Billboard Brokers of America walk you through the entire process of developing long term outdoor billboard cash flow streams. Our company partners with owners who have the same interest as you to generate long term cash flow revenue streams. Working together can be a long-term win-win for everyone.

My companies, Gunter Outdoor Advertising, and Billboard Brokers of America are one of the oldest and trusted independent billboard companies in America, we believe that educating our clients is the first step to their success. We offer complete turnkey outdoor advertising services to our investors, educating both investors and property owners of the many benefits offered to both by the outdoor advertising industry.

For more information about Billboard Brokers of America and how we can help you reach your financial goals and find financial freedom. Please explore our website and email us for free literature to help you start your own outdoor billboard cash flow business.


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Why billboards? Quicker return on your investment, less maintenance, no tenants calling in the middle of the night or on weekends with emergency plumbing issues, no air conditioning and heat problems, no replacing damaged carpets, repairing and painting damaged walls and ceilings when tenants move out. These billboard giants are made of steel, with little or no maintenance, if you get bored and feel like you need something to do you may want to paint the steel pole every 10 to 15 years or have an electrician go out and change the lights bulbs, now everyone is going to led lights that would be about every 10 years.

Posting the advertising. If you, do it my way the advertiser pays for the printing and installing of the advertisement. Keep it simple! Higher ROI creates financial freedom, financial freedom means more time for you to enjoy life!                                                                                                                          
                     By    Thomas Gunter
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    If you have questions about Billboard Investing consult Tom today and set up a telephone conference to discuss how our company can show you to build your own cash flow stream to subsidize your present Income or retirement. Outdoor billboards can increase your personal wealth.