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One Digital Billboard In a Great Location Can Average $24,000.00 to $80,000.00 + a Month in a great

Thank You for contacting Billboard Brokers of America, LLC, my name is Thomas "Tom" Gunter
everyone calls me Tom. I have 50 plus years of experience in the outdoor advertising industry, I would
like to share some of that knowledge with you to help have a better understanding of the outdoor
advertising industry and help make your outdoor advertising venture one of success.

This is all about ROI (Return on Investment), and it is my mission to help you cut through the chase and
get down to the business of making you the highest return on your investment dollar. I will start with a
brief outline of the nuts and bolts of this business and save you a lot of time and research. I have already
did all of the initial work for you, if you are looking for an investment that will deliver quicker and higher
returns on your dollars think outdoor advertising billboards. If you have the funds and want to take it to
the next level, Think digital outdoor advertising! Digital billboards in the right locations bring in amazing
ROI for their owners! You may want to visit my website at the links below and see the many services
my company, and I have to offer to assist you in finding the right billboards and locations for you.

                                  Facts You Should Know About Conventional and Digital Billboards:

A good conventional billboard can give you a 100% return on capital investment in 30 to 40 months,
sometimes less.

A good digital billboard can give you a 100% return on capital investment in 18 to 24 months,
sometimes less.

Most billboards are normally installed on leased property, with leases ranging from 10 to 30 year

A double faced conventional steel mono-pole billboard with a advertising area 10'6" High X 36'Wide
sells for about $60,000.00 installed.

An average single face digital billboard screen 10'H X 36'W X 40' H cost, installed will set you back
about $136,000.00

The cost of the Property lease rent is generally between 15% to 20% of the gross income depending
on where the billboard is located.

Advertising agencies and advertisers pay for the artwork and its installation, plus sales commissions.
The electric, Internet Services (if any), taxes, etc. Subtract another 5% from the gross, here again
this all depends on the location.

You should net on the average 65 to 80% percent of the gross income. You can write off 100% of
your initial capital investment over the next 5 to 7 years on your federal income tax. Ask your CPA
what is the best plan for you.

Insurance on digital billboards starts out at about $1,500.00 per year.

Cost of Electric - A digital billboard can range from $300.00 to $400 per month depending on where
you are geographically, the size of your billboard and the power company you use. Annual permits
generally cost about $200.00 a month depending on where you are geographically located.

Advertising Revenue - You set a price on what you need to net based on your location, then let the
thousands of advertising agencies and advertisers across America know were you billboard is located
and what your advertising rates are. This is usually done by notifying and furnishing your potential
advertisers with what the outdoor advertising industry calls a Ride Sheet. Making cold calls to local
advertisers is also a great way to sell outdoor billboard advertising.

Digital Billboard Screens - Most Digital Screens are guaranteed and warranted for five to ten years
by the manufacture. They normally can burn for 100,000 plus hours of continuous service. Digital
billboards are extremely low voltage and the screens are made up of modules filled with diode lights,
if one goes out it takes a serviceman 10 to 15 minutes to remove an old one and install a new one,
plus the time than it took to set up their equipment. Digital billboards are very low maintenance
billboards and engineered to withstand up to 115 to 150 miles per hour wind loads.

Your digital billboard comes equipped with an on-board computer and cameras so can be operated
remotely operate your billboard from your computer, smart phone or iPad from anyplace that has
Wi-fi. You can live in New York City and operate your digital billboard in Los Angeles, Paris or London
through the magic of the Internet.

From the computer you can manage your advertising, schedule and post new advertising, print out
reports of all the advertising activity for an hour, a day a week, month or year. Perfect fool proof
bookkeeping at your fingertips.I hope this information has answered some of your questions about
digital billboards. Remember all investments of any kind have a certain amount of risk, cut your risk
and consult a professional before you buy or contact Billboard Brokers of America for profession
consultation to answer all of your billboard questions. For more information visit my web site at:  or  email me at:

We are a national turnkey outdoor billboard and digital billboard development company.
We offer the following services:

                     Digital Billboard Consulting
                     Finding Digital and Conventional Billboard Locations
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                     Digital and Conventional Billboards at Discounted Prices
                     Digital and Conventional Billboard Management
                     Digital Training and Technical  Assistance

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1)   Find billboard locations for our clients then lease or buy.
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4)   Install outdoor billboards for our clients
5)   Digital Billboards - We sell and install custom designed digital screens and billboards for our
   clients. All products have a five year factory warranty with an option to buy an additional
   5 year extended warranty.

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