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                                   Thomas "Tom" Gunter,  CEO

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Thank you for visiting Billboard Brokers of America, we are a turnkey national billboard sales and development company. Contact us in
the form above for any questions you may have about investing in the outdoor advertising industry. Whether you are trying to supplement  
your present income, retirement or personal wealth portfolio you need to check out the financial returns on owning outdoor billboards. To
help you get started I want to send you " Free " information I have written to give you a better understanding how many billboard entrepreneurs increase their personal wealth and cash flow in the multi-billion dollar outdoor advertising industry.

Let me qualify myself I have been serving the outdoor advertising industry since 1963. I started out working for a small Florida outdoor advertising company in the early 60's. My first day they dropped me off on a new billboard site with a pair of post hole diggers to dig 6 holes for 6 telephone poles, the holes were to be six feet deep 2 foot in diameter. In those days small billboard operators dug holes by hand, I had dug hole before but none like this these, they were in clay and lime rock. I was not prepared for this, I had no gloves, they left me with no water, it was a hot July day. I was in a field with no trees or shade, no transportation in the middle of nowhere. By mid afternoon I had the holes dug, I am now dehydrated, sunburned, some of the largest blisters I ever had on my hands. I may be tough but I am not stupid, lesson learned. I could have walked off the job that first day, but I am not a quitter, I was this to learn everything I could about the outdoor advertising business. And learn I did from the ground up over the next three years, I help them grow the company. By the 3rd year I was running two billboard construction crews, one highway paint crew and a shop paint crew. For those of you that don't know in the 60's most billboards were hand painted. Once I knew how to build, design and paint billboards, I had accomplished everything I had come there for and that was "knowledge".

I was 21 years old when I opened my first billboard company. I was just a young guy with big ambitions who refused to give up. Looking back, working constructions and forme factory works out of Detroit and elsewhere who were over twice my age, was the most difficult part of working for the other company in my early days, I had to earn their respect by working along beside of them daily. I had even a greater challenge ahead of me that was yet to come, it would be when I left the the other company, I had to earn the respect of the business community who would be buying outdoor advertising from me that would generated by my new billboards. That challenge turned out to be the easy part and the fun part for me, advertising sales came easy for me because I liked working with people. Rather than wight I started out selling to the largest accounts accounts in the area. After winning them over, I soon expanded to cover state of Florida and way led to way, business flourished and the billboard company grew quickly.

I opened my first outdoor billboard business the next day after I resigned from the company I formerly worked for. The owner said I would never make it. A few months after I opened my new business it took off like wildfire. Many of men who worked for me at the other billboard company applied for jobs with my new company, I hired a few of them, including the former owner of the other company I started out with. What about the guy who dropped me off the first day beside the road in the middle of nowhere with a pair of post hole diggers and no water? Well, believe it or not I hired him also just so I could fire him. Don't let anyone tell you that vengeance is not sweet, vengeance was just and well served here (lol).

I built and sold my first business for seven figures after the first three years, that was a lot of money in the 60's, can you imagine what it would have been worth today? I occasionally drive by many of my old billboards I sold and ask myself what if I had kept them? it has been over 48 years now, and many of them are still up and flowing cash 48 years later.

The point is if a young guy over 48 years ago could start off with less one hundred dollars in his pocket, build a billboard company worth over seven figures three years later, what could you do today with the advice and experience of that same guy over 48 years later telling you step by step how to build your own billboard cash flow business? What would it be worth to you or your company to cut through the chase and show you how the magic is done? Today it does not take that much to turn a few prime billboards into a multi-million dollar asset. I had a client that recently turned down 1.3 million dollars for just one billboard. Myself I have went on to build and help build several billboard companies across America for others including myself that shared in the excitement of building billboards and billboard companies. Many of these companies are owned by business men and women like you whom I represented along the way, and many who I still represent today. You would recognize some of the many names if I mentioned them. A few of them went on to uses outdoor billboards as a springboard into build fortune 500 companies. Over the past 50 plus years I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest people in the business world both national and Internationally. I have seen both good guy and bad guys come and go in this business, one thing remains the same this is a great industry to be in if you like to make money.

Today I have over 50 years experience to share with my clients, I have paid the price to gain the experience and the knowledge you need as an investor to make money in this business. Whether you are a small investor, or large investor the formula is the same the risk are small. If you have what it takes to be a qualified investor in this business I will show you how cut through the learning curve and show you how the magic of making money in this business is done, I will help you build your own billboard "Cash Flow Stream".

Ask my company for a bid on your next Project. We have professionals to assist you with your billboard real estate acquisitions,
permit expediters, attorneys to help you with your legal questions, engineers to design your new structure, steel fabricators to build them, installers and the latest in your digital and electronic billboard needs, including management, technicians, and artist. Serving the United States and Canada.

Novice Billboard Owners and Investor ask me for a copy of "The 8 Most Asked Questions by New Billboard Buyers." I wrote it just for you to help you understand more about billboard investing. If you are an investor looking for a new cash flow stream and a higher return on your investment capital, I would like to show you an Alternative Investment with a higher return, less maintenance, less risk for your investment venture capital. We have a consulting service, we are here to help direct you every step of the way. We can show you everything you need to know about billboard investing and how it can work for you.

I will answer all of your questions about “What is outdoor advertising and how can I make it work for me? Including How to get started and where to find the best billboards locations and finally I will show you How to build and a billboard cash machine. We have over 2,700 commercial properties across America listed in our data bank waiting to be researched and developed into a prime billboard and digital billboard locations.

If you are a company looking to expand your billboard inventory, contact us we can help. We buy, sell and develop outdoor billboards
digital outdoor signs for our clients. If you become a registered buyer you are already financially per-qualified to buy new billboards
and billboard properties from our listings the same day they are posted. Registered buyers are referred to as " Preferred Clients.
Preferred Clients are only a text, email or phone call away from instantly locking down a new sale. All sales are sold on a first come
basis. As us how you can become a Preferred Client get the red carpet service and be one of the first new
billboard sales as they come
in. Ask me for an application to become a Preferred Client.

Maximize your property's income, email me and let's get started. If you are a
property owner with property next to a busy freeway or in
the city you may want to consider leasing a small location on your property. Did you know a mono-pole billboard actually only takes up
on an average a 4 foot  X 5 foot area at ground level?  Everything else is airspace high up out of harm's way. If you have a property
you would like to lease please do not hesitate to ask for my free publication on How to Maximize Your Real Estate's Income

By: Thomas "Tom"Gunter
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